Working To Eliminate Your Fear of The Dentist

The air abrasion technique is often described as dentistry without the drill. The thought of the dentist’s drill is often what feeds the anxiety of going to the dentist for many patients. You can probably hear the sound of that high-pitched whine of the drill right now just thinking about it!

While we cannot eliminate the need to clean out your cavity at our Macomb dental office, air abrasion is an effective alternative to the conventional dentist’s drill. It is also a quiet method that eases the worries of our more sensitive patients. We have also found that air abrasion is great for the children who visit our practice. Hopefully, helping to prevent them from ever developing a fear of the dentist.

How Air Abrasion Works

So how does this “non-drill” work if it is not digging into your cavity? Think of the air abrasion technique as gentle, miniature sandblasting. Using air abrasion, we are able to remove tooth decay using compressed air and an abrasive powder. This eliminates the pressure, heat, vibration, and – most importantly – sound of the drill.

If your cavity is shallow, the air abrasion technique can also eliminate the need for anesthesia – though you can opt for an anesthetic if this helps to calm your nerves. Plus, the air can sometimes cause sensitivity.

There are many advantages of using the air abrasion technique for you, the patient, and Dr. Beckwell at our Macomb dental practice. This relatively simple and quick procedure can sometimes allow us to treat multiple sites in your mouth in one visit to our office. Beyond cavities, air abrasion can also be used to help repair cracked, chipped, worn, or discolored teeth and prepare teeth for cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Want help figuring out if the air abrasion technique is right for you? Contact our Shelby Township dentist office or St. Clair Shores dental office to schedule a consultation and learn more about the air abrasion technique.