No one needs to know you have a filling

Have a cavity that needs to be filled? At our Michigan dental office, we use mercury-free fillings and offer composites to match the color of your tooth. The quiet air abrasion technique also allows us to leave the drill behind (and the anxiety-inducing sound of the drill) and gently “sandblast” away decay, making it a less invasive and less nerve-wracking cavity treatment for our patients.

There are a number of benefits in choosing mercury-free – or composite – fillings. Mercury-free fillings are more flexible and more like your natural tooth structure, whereas amalgam fillings are more rigid because they include metal. This means that your tooth is less likely to break or chip when it is filled with a composite. In fact, a composite filling can actually help restore your tooth’s natural strength as the material bonds to the tooth. Mercury-free fillings also cause less sensitivity to cold drinks and foods.

When we remove the decayed areas to repair your cavity, we are able to make a smaller hole since composite fillings do not require the removal of a great deal of tooth to properly affix and secure the filling. This also lends itself to preserving and even enhancing the strength of your tooth.

One of the biggest reasons patients opt for mercury-free fillings is because they help maintain a natural-looking smile. Amalgam fillings have a distinctive and noticeable silver color. Want to throw back your head and laugh with a wide-open smile? Composites can give you the confidence to show off all of your teeth.

If you would like to explore the benefits of mercury-free fillings, or talk to Dr. Beckwell about replacing existing amalgam fillings, contact our Shelby Township dentist office or St. Clair Shores dental office in Macomb County, Michigan.